Back to School Photo Props #firstdayofschoolsign
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Back to School Photo Props #firstdayofschoolsign

Primarily Speaking: Back to School Photo Props

Back to School Photo Props 9 comments Back to School I have a fun freebie to share with you today! Last year I took first day of school photos of my second graders (and own child). It was really fun printing up the images and sending them home. I think a lot of parents are so rushed on the first day, that many of them don't even think about taking a picture of their children. I definitely plan on taking photos again this year, so I made a set of printable First and Last Day of School signs. The set includes signs for Pre-K through 6th grade. There is also a "generic" sign that reads "First Day of School." I printed out these sample pages as I plan on using both. (By the way, I would love to figure out how to take a decent photo indoors....this was taken with the indoors setting!) I hope you enjoy my new freebie! Click {HERE} to grab your free copy from my Freebies tab. Also, be sure to check back tomorrow for some seasonal fun! Toodles! Share It:


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